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55 Eldrich Horror Investigators, Double Sided Metal Upgrade Tokens

55 Eldrich Horror Investigators, Double Sided Metal Upgrade Tokens

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Lily Chen, Jaqueline Fine, Mark Harrigan, Lola Hayes, Norman Withers, Silas Marsh, Leo Anderson, Jim Culver, Trish Scarbough, Diana Stanley, Charlie Kane, Akachi Onyele

(EH1)Forsaken Lore (2014)

(EH2)Mountains of Madness (2014)-8pcs
Daisy Walker, Ursula Downs, Tommy Muldon, Patrice Hathaway, Wilson Richard, Finn Edwards, Agnes Baker, George Barnaby

(EH3)Strange Remnants (2015)-4pcs
Tony Morgan, Zoey Samaras, Marie Lambeau, “Skids” o Toole

(EH4)Under the Pyramids (2015)-8pcs
Hank Samson, Harvey Walters, Joe Diamond, Mandy Thompson, Minh Thi Phan, Monterey Jack, Rex Murphy, Sister Mary

(EH5)Signs of Carcosa (2016)-4pcs
Dexter Drake, Jenny Barnes, Michael McGlen, Wendy Adams

(EH6)The Dreamlands (2017)-8pcs
Amanda Sharpe, Carolyn Fern, Darrell Simmons, Gloria Goldberg, Kate Winthrop, Luke Robinson, Vincent Lee, William Yorick

(EH7)Cities in Ruin (2017)-4pcs
"Ashcan" Pete, Bob Jenkins, Rita Young, Roland Banks

(EH8)Masks of Nyarlathotep (2018)-7pcs
Agatha Crane, Calvin Wright, Carson Sinclair, Daniela Reyes, Father Mateo, Preston Fairmont, Sefina Rousseau

4 Eldrich Horror Investigators that exclusive to Eldrich Horror
**This is only for customers that has purchased our AH C0-C9 All in bundle before. You only need to get this 4 EH investigators to complete your collection.
George Barnaby - From Mountains of Madness (EH2)
Michael McGlen - From Signs of Carcosa (EH5)
Agatha Crane - From Masks of Nyarlathotep (EH8)
* Gloria Goldberg (not included in our AH C0-C9 bundle, but in our Novella tokens set)

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