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All-In Investigator Set - Arkham Horror LCG Dividers - 60pcs

All-In Investigator Set - Arkham Horror LCG Dividers - 60pcs

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Includes all 54 investigators up to The Feast of Hemlock Vale(C9)

Whenever a new official product is released, we will revise the All-In set to include it. Additionally, you can purchase individual scenario sets from our store.

- 5pcs - Night of the Zealot(INV0)
- 5pcs - The Dunwich Legacy(INV1)
- 6pcs - The Path to Carcosa(INV2)
- 5pcs - The Forgotten Age(INV3)
- 6pcs - The Circle Undone(INV4)
- 5pcs - The Dream-Eaters(INV5)
- 5pcs - The Innsmouth Conspiracy(INV6)
- 5pcs - Edge of the Earth(INV7)
- 6pcs - The Scarlet Keys(INV8)

- 6pcs - The Feast of Hemlock Vale(INV9)
- 5pcs - Starter Deck Investigators (ST-I)
- 1pcs - Gloria Goldberg (PR-I)


# Dimensions

> Orientation: Vertical
> Size: 101mm H x 64mm W
> Please see size guide for reference.
> Note: **DOES NOT** fit in the original Marvel Champions box.


# Disclaimer
This is not an FFG Official Product. We only designed the dividers and you will not be able to purchase non print and play game cards from TinkerTown Games.

# Extra Protection for Dividers
You may want to sleeve your dividers for added protection.
Since our dividers comes with a protective film, this is completely optional.

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